What you need to know before purchasing husky puppies

The first thing to do before purchasing husky puppies is to learn about the breed. The husky is a dog that has been bred for carrying light to medium loads for long distance in severely cold weather with ice and snow. They have been bred to survive for long periods on very little food so you can free feed a Siberian husky and they will only eat what they need, unlike other breeds they will not overeat.

Siberian huskies are very independent so they should never be left out without being on a leash. If they are given free roam, they are known to travel miles away from home, endangering them to being injured or unfortunately shot by some people who mistake them for wolves and shoot before they really know what they are shooting at. It is best to have a very secure enclosure for your Siberian husky, they are known to dig out and climb over the fence. You have to be able to think quicker than your Siberian husky, as these are extremely intelligent animals.

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Even though bred to endure extremely cold weather, do not feel they cannot survive in hot weather, their coats not only keep them warm in cold, they also keep them cool in the heat, and they are very adaptable to all weather. Even though the Siberian husky will challenge you, I find that is one of their most endearing qualities, they are wonderful family pets whether you want one to keep inside or outside they will definitely give you hours of joy.


What you should know before bringing home your husky puppies

If you are looking for husky puppies for sale, do not forget to do your research first. It is so easy to be caught up in an adorable pics like the one above and rush in to buy a one of these blue eyes darlings. That is exactly what I did when I got my first husky pup and it was almost an unhappy ending for both my husky and me.

1. You need a yard. A small one is ok, but a big one is better.

Do not do as if I did and think you and your husky will live happily ever after in an apartment. It is not going to happen. This husky pup love to run like crazy. Remember, they were breed as sledding dogs that traveled long distances. Make sure they have room to run!

2. You need a fence that stands tall and runs deep.

6 feet tall at least. The dogs do to fences what Michael Jordan in his prime did to basketball goals? They will fly right over any fence that is not high enough. In addition, their top-notch diggers, so your fence cannot just sit on top of the ground. These dogs are known to dig trenches, so you need to have something below the ground to keep them from digging right out and under your fence.

3. They have a mind of their own.

While they can be trained, they tend to do whatever is in their best interest, even if it inconveniences you. So let us say your husky does get out. He or she will come back when they are ready and not a moment sooner. Husky dogs will not be tempted with food or toys. They want to run and have fun. In addition, this is another reason to make sure you take care of. The only “treat” my husky responded to was ice. That dog loved ice. I could not open the freezer without him running up and begging for an ice cube!

4. They can shed enough fur to build another dog or two.

Yes…seriously. No joke. Twice a year they do what is known as a “blow out”. These are the times when their undercoat sheds. Moreover, you can literally brush them until your arm goes numb and there will still be more and more fur coming off them. I swear sometimes I would see that husky hair floating in the air!

5. Siberian huskies like it cold. The colder the better.

Husky coats are built for blizzards. They are so thick that you can hardly part it to see their skin. It is like wearing a double lined jacket with their top coat over the under coat. I lived in the south when I had my husky and he was clearly miserable in the summer months. So much so that we shaved him in the summer, so he could get some relief. So keep your dog’s comfort in mind when making your decision.

So that is my list of five based on my husky puppy experience. So before you looking for free husky puppy, think about these things and make sure you have what it takes to give the pup a good home. If you focus on what makes the puppy happy first and then see how that fits your lifestyle and personality, you are sure to pick just the right breed (husky or not) for you!

Things you may want to bring when picking up a husky puppy:

1. A towel- a towel is more absorbent then a blanket and they are easy to wash.
2. A stuffed animal or bone- Not the bean bag type of stuffed animal. They provide comfort. Something soft, used or new, and easy to wash. They will get pretty messy thats why you want something washable. Used ones are nice just because they are going to get ruined. Try not to get anything that will choke the puppy. If it tears and rips throw it away. You can also do a bone to give them something to chew on but one that would be ok for puppies.
3. Newspaper- something they can go to the bathroom on. When they get up and start to sniff and look a little uncomfortable be ready to place it on the paper.
4. Something to hold food and water in.
5. Bottle of water.
6. A collar and leash and or harness.
These are just some recommendations… 🙂

I finally came to the conclusion that I was not the best parent for my husky so I gave him to a friend who lived out in the country and lots of acres for my fell to enjoy! I missed him, but I did get visitation rights.