What is the Best Dog Food for Huskies?

Once you get your husky home, the little guy or girl has to eat right? So what is the best food for a Siberian husky puppy? How can you make sure you are giving your dog the best nutrition you can? There are many opinions about what makes for the best husky diet. In the end, it is up to you to decide what works best for you dog, your lifestyle, and your budget. Therefore, I have done some digging :-), and here is what I have gathered on your food options.

best dog food for siberian husky puppies

Best dog food for Siberian Huskies

Dry Food
Dry food seems to be a best choice among most Siberian husky owners. It is simple to obtain, store, prepare, and feed to your puppies. There are two main sticking points that most owners site.
Grocery store brand vs. premium brands

Kibble size
Some owners have been mixed messages about whether they should consider huskies a large or medium breed dog. In addition, in turn, there is confusion about purchasing large breed kibble vs. medium breed. The “rule of thumb” is that a large breed is one over 50 lbs. Husky can often be borderline on this measurement hovering right above or below that benchmark. However, most husky owners agree that these dogs are classified as medium, and so they should eat medium breed dry food.

Grocery store brand vs. premium brands
From what I have gathered, husky owners seem to agree that it is best to avoid grocery store brands if possible. The only brand in this category that seemed to get some props from owners was Blue Buffalo. Therefore, if you have to go grocery store brand, most owners seem to agree that this is the best one. The premium brands seem to be preferred by most owners. Innova was the brand mentioned most. California Natural, Wellness, Karma were other premium brands mentioned.

Natural Raw
I found that many owners like to feed their husky pups the way nature intended by feeding them raw chicken and fish. This included organ meat and bones as well. Recommended serving size for raw food is 2% of the dog’s weight per day. Yes, puppies can handle eating meat off a bone. Do not underestimate them. Just give them a portion that lines up with their size. In addition, remember, you can always feed them raw primarily and then supplement with dry food when you need the convenience.

Treats for puppies and adult dogs alike are just like treats for people. They should be eaten in moderation. Too many treats can lead to finicky eating and digestion issues. Speaking of digestion…stick with treats made from meat instead of grain based treats. The grain-based variety does not sit well in dogs tummies and can cause them to have gas. Not pleasant for you or your pup.

Doggie Jerky
You can also make your own treats for your pups instead of buying them at the store. Just purchase your meat, boil it until there is no more blood. Then bake the meat until it is tough like jerky. Simple stuff and your husky pup will love it.

siberian husky food recommendations

Food to avoid

Now that you know what works, let us talk about things you may want to avoid.

Wheat (grain) based foods
As I mentioned before, these do not sit well on dog’s tummies and can cause lots of gas. This can cause discomfort for your pup as well as your nose! 🙂

Table food
Dogs were not designed to eat the way people eat. Do not fall prey to those soulful blue eyes begging for your leftovers. Remember, they know not what they are asking. Do what is best for your husky and feed them what you know is good for them.

Canned food
OK, this is just my opinion, but many other owners seem to agree. Canned food causes finicky eaters. In addition, in most cases, the store bought stuff is not good for them anyway. I would avoid getting your husky started down the canned food path. It will be a hard habit to break later.

Summing Things Up
Therefore, to sum it all up, you have three best dog foods for husky puppies to make decisions about. Dry kibble, natural raw meat, and your treat selection. I also shared my list of food choices to avoid if possible. The final decision depends on you and your unique situation.

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