How to Manage the Siberian Husky Temperament?

What you will see here in my Siberian husky puppy training tips is common to training dogs in general. However, there is one tip in particular that I feel is very important when dealing with huskies in particular. I will highlight that tip when we get to it later in this article. Overall, we will discuss the four core tips I think every husky owner needs to be successful in training their new pup.

How to Manage the Siberian Husky Temperament

Those four things are:

1. Teach vocabulary
2. Control resources
3. Be the alpha
4. Remain calm

Let us get into each of these in detail.

Siberian husky Puppy Training Tips for New and Experienced Owners

For the rest of this post, I will use “he” to refer to your puppy even though I know some husky pups are girls too.

Teach Vocabulary
Imagine you went off to a foreign country and adopted a child. This child does not know anything about how to speak your language. All they know is that they are going with you and that is about it. Well, in many ways, that is what it is like for your new puppy.

He speaks dog and you speak human. Until you two cross the language barrier, communication is going to be a little rough. So put yourself in your dog’s position and be understanding if it takes a minute for him to “get” what you are saying to him.

The best way to teach your husky pup the word he needs to know is through consistency, repetition, and praise. Check out this kid using repetition to teach his young husky pup to follow commands.

The core of his vocabulary should be three words:
His name
Everything else will build off that.

In addition, remember to call your husky’s name first and then give the command. That way he will not think his name is yes or no.

Control Resources
When you control the resources, you hold all the cards. Your dog needs to understand that he should look to you for his needs. He needs to understand that his behavior affects the availability of those resources. Now do not misunderstand me. I am not saying stop feeding him.

What I am saying is to teach him to respect you by showing him that bad behavior equals no attention or playtime with you. Because yes, your time and attention is a very important resource to your husky. They are a very social breed and thrive on your affection.

Managing their behavior using this method is one way to teach them the pecking order in your household so that they respect you as alpha.

Be the Alpha
So what exactly does be the Alpha mean? It is not about whose the most macho. It is about who leads and who follows. Think of yourself as the benevolent king. Assert authority that is tempered with love. Here is a great list I found on how to be the alpha that spells it all out quite well…

Remain Calm
Why? Because huskies see calm as strength and confidence. In their minds, this behavior commands respect. If you are flustered, they see an opportunity to take the lead. You set the tone for your pup to follow and he will follow suit.

So let us recap. There are four Siberian husky puppy-training tips you should use as the foundation for your dog training.

1. Teach vocabulary
2. Control resources
3. Be the alpha
4. Remain calm

If you can master these four things, the rest will come naturally. In addition, your puppy will master being a wonderful addition to your family.

Turning “Hyperness” into Happiness for You and Your Dog
I have seen many opinions about Siberian husky temperament. Some regard them as hyperactive and some say they are unmanageable. I would say to them that the husky is often misunderstood. In addition, this misunderstanding is often the reason why they get the labels of hyperactive and unmanageable.

The truth about these ice-eyed beauties is that in most cases, they love and playful animals that just need the proper outlet to get their energies released and channeled in productive ways.

They are much like a child in that they will get into mischief when bored. Therefore, as your husky’s parent, you are responsible for giving them a proper outlet for burning off that energy and having fun. Mix this with high intelligence and a strong will and you have a dog with potential to get into trouble.

Here are three ways to turn your husky’s energy into 100% pure fun!

1. These Dogs Were Made for Sledding So Head for the Hills!
Huskies were bred and trained as sled dogs for generations. The first huskies came from the sub zero environment of the Siberian Arctic in Russia. They were bred to pull heavy loads long distances through difficult conditions.

You do not have to play survivor man and put them through an endurance test. However, if you live somewhere that gets snow, go ahead, and live our dog sledding fantasy and let them pull you up and over a hill or two. Explore your neighborhood by dog driven sled and see your world and your dog from a completely new perspective.

By the time you get home, both you and your husky will be ready to curl up next to the fireplace with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. If you do not live in the snowy hills, then improvise with concrete hills as Cesar Milan did on this episode of The Dog Whisperer.

2. Give your husky room to roam but do not neglect supervision.
You need more than just an over the ground fence to keep a husky in the yard. Keep in mind; this little person looks like he is still a pup. Therefore, when you let you husky run in the yard, keep your eye on him or you may get calls from your neighbors.

3. Play a game with your dog. Moreover, no, I am not just talking fetch!
Again, dogs can be much like kids in that they like to play games. You can even play some of the same games you play with kids. Things like Follow the Leader, Hide, and Go Seek are just a few games you and your dog can enjoy together. With games, you will exercise his body and mind at the same time!

Therefore, while huskies can be a challenging breed to manage, it is not that hard if you take the time to just hang out with them and have some fun. Let them pull you along on skates or on a sled. Let them freestyle play in the yard while you look on. Then join them for some fun and games.