Husky Puppies for Adoption

A friend of mine wants to adopt a puppy. She adopted an Alaskan Malamute a few years ago and he recently passed away so she is looking for a new pup. She wanted a big dog again but not quite as big as a malamute. I suggested adopting a husky puppy.

Siberian husky puppies are very similar to Alaskan Malamute puppies. Both breeds are part of the working group, huskies are just a little smaller. The Alaskan Malamute is an extremely powerful dog. A male Alaskan Malamute usually weighs between 85 and 100 lbs and the females are usually between 75 and 90 lbs. Huskies are a medium sized, smaller boned dog. A male Siberian Husky will usually weigh between 50-70 lbs. while the females are usually between 35-50 lbs.This was exactly what my friend had in mind.

Husky puppies for adoption

husky puppies for adoption

So where do you go when you want to adopt a husky puppy? A great place to start looking for a husky puppy is your local animal shelter. If the shelter does not have any husky puppies available when you’re looking, you can ask them to call you if they should have any husky puppies come in down the line. Most shelters would be more than happy to do this for you. You can also search local Siberian Husky rescue groups.

My friend began the search for her new siberian husky puppies for adoption at the local Siberian Husky rescue groups. What an awesome! It’s a great resource if you want to adopt a pet and I highly recommend using it. You simply search in the breed of dog that you are looking for adoption in the specified area. It tells you where they are and also gives you a little background as to how they ended up there.

Are you thinking about adopting a husky puppy? Huskies certainly are some of the most adorable puppies ever! However, you should really do your homework before adopting a husky. You want to make sure that you adopt the right breed. It would be awful to have your adopted pet end up back in an animal shelter because you couldn’t handle them.

It would be beneficial to ask yourself these questions before you make the decision to adopt a husky puppy.

The most important question is: Do you have enough time in your day to raise a puppy? Your new puppy will become very attached to you and you want to make sure that you will be there for them. You’ll find that your new pup will become your shadow. Especially when you first bring them home. Make sure that you go out and purchase a variety of puppy toys for your new pup to play with. You want to instill independence from the very beginning. This will teach your puppy how to keep busy if you should need to leave the house for extended periods of time.

Another good idea is to leave a piece of clothing with your new pup. They will feel much more comfortable if they can smell your scent while you are away.

Another important question is: Do you know what to feed your husky puppy? It’s essential that all puppies get a decent amount of fat and protein in their diets. This will aid with their growth. Unfortunately a lot of the puppy food that is available at the supermarkets doesn’t meet the nutritional requirements that your puppy will need. You may want to prepare some homemade puppy food for your new puppy. You can find some great dog food recipes online.

The third question is: How do you plan on making sure that your puppy gets enough exercise? It is very important to keep your puppy active. Taking your new puppy for a walk everyday is a great way to ensure that they are getting exercise. If you don’t have time to take your pup for a walk you can always throw them a ball or a frisbee in the yard. As long as they are running, they are getting exercise. You want to make sure that your puppy is tired at the end of day. Otherwise they may become mischievous.

The last question: Are you aware of huskies grooming needs? Grooming is important for all dogs, but huskies require some extra attention. Dogs can not maintain their coats on their own so you will need to take them to a professional dog groomer. Huskies have very thick hair and if they are not groomed properly fleas and other bacteria can start to grow on their hair. A professional dog groomer will make sure that your dog’s coat is washed well and that the dead hair is brushed out.

If you still want free siberian husky puppies for adoption after reading these questions there are plenty of Siberian Husky Rescue groups that have so many huskies that need a good home!

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