Husky Puppies for Sale Los Angeles

Samanta is our husky puppies for sale in Los Angeles! She is a wonderful female Siberian Husky. She’s black/tan/white. and we love everything about her. She has just had her fist litter on 2015. Huskies are great dogs and they have lots of energy!

Here are some things you should know if you are considering a Siberian husky puppies for sale in Los angeles.

husky puppies for sale los angelesShe was born on last year, so she’s 16 weeks old now. Samantha do fine indoors. Samantha (our mini siberian husky los angeles) loved it inside when she was little, but as she got older she loved being able to run outside in the yard. She still likes it inside but does enjoy the outdoors.

She is very smart dogs and can be trained easy if you have the time, as in any other dog. Samantha is lots of fur. 🙂 That undercoat is thick so brush.

Does she do well in heat? Huskies do fine in the heat as long as you have some cool shaded area for them to lie. Spray of the cement good and they will lie there as well. If they are inside, they probably are just fine. 🙂 Do not shave them to cool them. It actually hurts them more warmth wise if you do.

There coat acts as an insulator in the heat and in the cool weather. If there looking hot, just spray them down or have a little pool or something to cool off in.

Cats…how do husky do with them? Well from personal experience, I would say if they did not grow up with cats, it might not be the best decision. There natural instinct is to chase them and “play” with them. Sometimes too roughly.

Samantha will chase our cats, hold them, and lick them forever. Therefore, if you are super attached to your cats and they are where the dogs can get them then I recommend not having a husky.

Our husky need lots of love 🙂 If you do not have the time for them do not get one. They need your attention. Huskies will be your best friend if you want them too. They are not to be neglected. They are great companions.

Our dog Samantha loves ice cubes as a treat. So if they look hot even or you just want to give them something they do love ice!

Siberian huskies are very high-energy dogs. They need to be able to run often! If you do not have space for this dog to run, you may reconsider. They can run and run and run some more, and go for miles. If you have a closed in yard (a good size yard) that great too. Huskies will not do well just tied to a line in the back yard.

About this Husky puppies for sale in Los angeles

Name: Samantha
Gender: Female
Color: black, tan, and white with blue eyes.
Age: 16 weeks old
Registry: AKC
Dad’s Weight: 50 – 55 lbs
Mom’s Weight: 40 – 45 lbs
Price: $1,500.00
Seller: Todd D. Gibbs
Location: Los Angeles, CA 90017

For more info about this husky puppy, please contact the seller.